What is Art?

What is Art?

Art is a wide term describing human activities encompassing the creation of visual, auditory or performance artworks. These artworks are expressions of the imagination and skill of the author. Art is appreciated for the effect it has on the one who perceives it.

Art not only reflects real life, but the desires and the projections of the artist in the world.

The earliest forms of art are visual arts: the creation of images and objects on a physical medium. Performing arts and interactive media are ofen included in the wider definition of art.

Art can be viewed and classified on the basis of a lot of factors such as creativity, expression, representation of reality, emotion, messages et cetera. The definition of what is considered art is a matter of debate and keeps changing over time. Even so, the general description remains; Some for of technical and/or imaginative skill involving some kind of performance or creation.

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