Aim and Objectives for the “Art plus Craft” Project

To promote, protect, preserve and conserve art, craft and cultural heritage of India. To document India old and contemporary art, craft and cultural resources.
To revitalise, protect and promote Art, Craft and Cultural Heritage of India.
To recognise and promote traditional and contemporary art and art pieces of india.
To promote the Indian traditional and contemporary arts and crafts and to ensure their authenticity and identity.
To protect, promote, conserve, preserve and revitalise all form/type of art, craft and cultural activities including visual and performing art.
To support activities regarding protection, promotion, conservation, preservation and revitalisation of art work, paintings, sculptures, artistic and handicraft work on wood, metal, paper and all other type of media and forms.
Networking among the artists, artisans, craftsmen, weavers to integrate so that they can share and update their skills, knowledge, practices, methods and their experiences.
To create a suitable forum for the exchange of ideas and techniques and to undertake, organise and facilitate study courses in matters relating to conservation of natural and cultural property and resources.
To setup and maintain on-line libraries, information services and on-line documentation of cultural and natural heritage of India.
To find out solution and make efforts to survive and sustain artists, artisans and craftsman.
To encourage capacity building of artists and craftsmen by developing skills through various programmes.
To Revival of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts through concrete initiatives and skill development programme.
To undertake measures for the preservation and conservation of art, craft, natural resources and cultural property.
To support conservation, restoration and preservation projects and persons related to art, craft, manuscripts, old and contemporary paintings, traditional paintings including mural paintings, old tempera paintings, wall paintings, sketches, handicraft items, statues, museums, and all kind of cultural heritage of India.
To organise on-line exhibitions and shows.
To provide expertise in the field of conservation, restoration and preservation of specific works of art; and to encourage capacity building by developing skills through consultation and training programmes.
To provide consultancy to museums, corporate and private collectors on the storage and preservation of art, craft and heritage materials, the treatment required and other issues related to conservation of objects.
To undertake surveys, documentation of the collections of art pieces, paintings, craft items, statues and manuscripts; and educate the custodians and /or owners of such collections in the correct method of their proper upkeep, preventive conservation and minor curative conservation.
To promote artistic, aesthetic and technical knowledge, practices, skills, methods of cultural heritage, art, life style and traditions.
To create and stimulate an awareness among the public for the preservation of the art, cultural and natural resources and heritage of India and respect and knowledge of past experience and skills. To instill a sense of social responsibility towards preserving art and our common heritage.
To sensitise the public about the pluralistic cultural legacy of India.
To support the activities of crafts centres and skill development programmes for revival of old and traditional arts and crafts.
To evolve in the role to preserve and promote India’s living heritage through preserving cultures, reviving traditional crafts, promoting heritage tourism, facilitating heritage festivals, organising lectures and performances on our living heritage.
To develop on-line resources for Indian art, culture and heritage education.
To initiate and ensure Conservation of cultural heritage by documenting the cultural geography and traditional lifestyles of communities.
To develop and design educational material on art, culture and heritage awareness.
To renders services to specific aspects of art and cultural heritage conservation initiatives like architectural heritage, natural heritage, material heritage / art conservation, living and cultural heritage, art, culture and heritage education and communication and heritage regulations.
To provide assistance to the traditional artists and to work towards the improvement of the lives of the artists.