Aesthetics is the appreciation and study of perceiving beauty and related experiences. It involves the study and interpretation of art, genres, movements, or theories analyzed in terms of philosophy. The concept of aesthetic arose from the idea of preferences and beauty. Aesthetic is the philosophical reflection of art. It can also be used to refer to a particular style of art or practices of art within a particular culture.

Aesthetics is also applicable to culture. There are several principles in aesthetics which define particular style or form, including, but not limited to – intention, symmetry, flow, expression, decoration, representation, harmony etc.

The field of Aesthetics has widened to include the sublime and surreal since the 18th century and various art movements. Aesthetic is of particular interest to literature as it governs the general appearance and archetypal perception of specific cultures. The focus of aesthetics has shifted from the definition to the analyses of aspects. The criticism of art too has shifted from biographical and sociological to more scientific and ahistorical.

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